About the Children's Heart Institute

The Children's Heart Institute is a pediatric cardiology facility that provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for children with or are suspected of having heart disease. At the Children's Heart Institute, we take a family approach to medical care. In addition to the attending pediatric cardiologist, the practice also utilizes the expert medical services of pediatric sub-specialists for non-cardiac problems. We are open from 8:30 to 5:00pm.

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Educating our Patients

We at CHI aim to ensure that all of our patients understand their condition. Our web site offers a wealth of information about various medical issues that we treat in addition to offering general information about how the heart works..

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From the Medical Director

Welcome to the Children’s Heart Institute’s web site. Our main goal is to provide useful and reliable educational information to parents, patients, nurses, and health care professionals. Simplifying science and patient education is my passion, and I consider it an integral element of patient care. Parents need to be well informed to understand their child’s condition, as this will alleviate anxieties and enable parents to be more comfortable with their child’s care options.

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Dysautonomia Organizations we support

Dysautonomia is a medical term utilized for a group of serious and complex conditions that are caused by a malfunction of the Autonomicc Nercous System
As part of our mission to ensure that all of our patients understand their condition. We link to other websites which provide information. You will find more information about treatment, coping, and recovery from POTS and other Dysautonomic conditions at the website DynaInc.org

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