Sharmeen Samuel, MD

Dr. Sharmeen Samuel

Specializing In

  • Pediatric Cardiologist

Dr Samuel did medical school from Rawalpindi medical college, Pakistan and moved to the US in 2015. Prior to residency, she did voluntary research in Pediatric EP lab at Children’s hospital of Michigan, on cardiac resynchronization therapy in congenital heart disease patients. She joined Western Michigan University for Pediatric residency from 2016-2019 and subsequently completed Pediatric Cardiology fellowship from Cohen Childrens Hospital in NY (2019-2022). She recently joined JHRP/CHI as Pediatric Cardiology faculty.

Her clinical interest involves imaging, especially fetal echocardiography. She also has interests in non-invasive EP and fetal arrhythmia management.

Her research has mostly been focused on Pediatric EP including CRT in congenital heart disease patients and arrhythmias in COVID-19 patients. She published the first paper regarding pediatric arrhythmias and QTc changes in covid 19 patient population. This study got significant attention, and she was invited to speak as a faculty at HRS annual meeting 2022. The paper was awarded, the most outstanding publication in clinical research by HRS. She has presented her research at various national and regional conferences.

Since moving to the United States, she has expanded her interests outside of work. She is a very outdoors person and enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, and sailing. She loves traveling, especially with family. She also enjoys cooking and baking.



English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi.



Pediatrics– Board Certified

Pediatric Cardiology– Board eligible.


Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics

Fellow of American College of Cardiology


Heart Rhythm outstanding publication award for young electrophysiologists in the area of clinical research (2022).

Distinction in the field of lesson planning, awarded by the University of Dundee (2013).

Certificate of academic excellence, awarded by Rawalpindi Medical College (2011).


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