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Learn about the various medications used in Pediatric Cardiology and their doses.

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Doctors and Nurses:

Emergency Medications
View a list of Pediatric Emergency Medications and Intravenous Infusions used in an emergency.

Bacterial Endocarditis
Medication used to prevent Bacterial Endocarditis.

Learn about Digoxin, including a list of doses used and a list of drug interactions with Digoxin.

Inotropic Agents
Learn about Digitalis and view a list of doses for other inotropic Agents.

Other Medications
View a list of doses for other medications including Diuretics, Afterload-Reducing Agents, and drugs to manipulate Ductous Arteriosus Patency.


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We try to keep this information current. Please remember that medicine is an ever-changing science and developments happen every day. This site is not intended by any means to substitute your seeking medical help and advice. We very strongly advise any medical professionals who use our site concerning cardiac medications to double-check the dosages of these medications before administering them.