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The Webmaster Award01-19-2000 Our web site has been chosen to receive the prestigious Webmaster Award. It was found to have exceptional graphics and unique & interesting content. In addition, it was found to be in the TOP 2% of all the web sites they have reviewed. Thank you for this honor.
MedExplorer Top Rated Site02-07-2000 We have a Top Rated Site on MedExplorer! Our site was chosen to receive this award based on usefulness, content, design, speed, and our targeted audience. Thank you for this award.
Star of Health Award02-29-2000 Our web site has received the BioHarmonics' Star of Health Award! This award is given exclusively to the most appealing websites presenting body, mind and/or spirit wellness and health. It was found to be informative for all ages with sensitivity towards children and the graphics were colorful and tasteful with the spirit of the content. Thank you.
ABC's of Parenting - 4 Star Site02-29-2000 We just received a 4-Star rating for our web site from the editors of the ABC's of Parenting Directory. Thank you for this honor!
07-06-2000 We just received the ParenTime Informed Site Award. ParenTime offers this award strictly to sites that provide information that will help the public in some way and believes it makes a better online community. Thank you ParenTime!